Manchester City’s Win

At the last two minutes, footballers of Manchester City have netted goals and lifted them to 3-1 win. For their uninterrupted goals, the match turned to a short film directed by Pep Guaradiola rather than an only competition. The leading role of the short film is David Silva. He is a footballer aged 32. For most of the excellent footballers, some will become shadows of former selves. He plays as the dominant force in the competition in Sunday. This is not the first time for him taking the important role in a match. The most splendid moment of his football career is the humiliating results of Manchester City’s 6-1 of United at Old Trafford. Nonetheless, he keeps those excellent skills seven years later, and he also helps teammates in sports field.

When Manchester United intends to resurgent previous splend, Silva and other teammates touch the ball slightly against Etihad’s canvas. Before caressed the ball David De Gea, City have own 44 passes, forming a striking contract contrast with their rivals. The Manchester city just like thrilling motion pictures while the Manchester United is similar to the fading still life.

Certainly, there are many controversial ideas about this week’s footballing prominence. In the recent days, the series of revelations by a German newspaper should be reviewed for a while. At the same time, Manchester United should inspect themselves for poor on-field resistance, as one of the richest football clubs in the world. When Manchester City passes the ball through the whole football pitch, football players of football club Manchester United kick off in forlorn and lonely pursuit while they never thought their opponents — City could invert the consequence. And most people are concerned about them, it is obvious that they thought too over.

In the past years, goals have been analysed frequently; certainly, it will catch attentions from most people when the ball leaves the ground. Actually, it only leaves the ground two times in two minutes. In the meantime, Silva switch the method and try to finish the match by driving it into the area for Gundogan. The highlight of the plan lies in that the tactic expires Manchester United’s aerial threat. And Jose Mourinho decides to follow and control the diminutive midfielders of Manchester City. It’s said that the strategy is regarded as “when they go high, we go low”.

Another highlight of the match rests on the frequency of Manchester City’s passes between two football players of Manchester United. The team is always seeking opportunities out and thriving in the guarded areas. The sheer speed of the ball and spot kick often catch attentions from most spectators. At a moment, John Stones run to grab his own ball, and successfully swerves it elegantly, getting rid of the tail effortlessly. The most impressive moment should be the moment demonstrated by Silva. Most people are also thriving for Spaniard’s movements in pitches when he wanders to flank or scurry back towards his own half. Sometimes, he confuses rivals by some fake actions, but the guy always keeping alert. He never stops thinking where to go next moment.

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