Solitude of Jose Mourinho

On a late Tuesday afternoon, Jose Mourinho is sitting alone on a bench near a window on a bench in Manchester, England. All football players under his guidance are collecting toiletry kits. On the lower floor, a decent dinner crowd is engaged in a celebration. Out of the hotel, paparazzi after Man United hopes to catch a simple glimpse of famous footballers.

It seems like he is tiny when compared with football players. Even though he inclined to stay with the tallest player he could find. In spite of conditions with other people, close-cropped hair and left leg crossed over right leave public an impressive image of hmself — leanpole. A rent-a-cop stands in the vicinity of an elevator. It is an obvious that he has was called in a wrong method. It seems like that he have tasted the questionable milk. All members walk back and forth uneasy. In the end, he stood up and led all footballers to their bus. In that evening, another game and show in the carnival is leading one of the best clubs into daily chaos.

In the sixth place, the expensive football team, estimating $358m or so, lost to club Brighton and Tottenham. After receiving the consequence prior to, some knows it is almost impossible for them to win the Premier League title. He often sits at the front of the bus on the right side while seats on the left side is empty.

Seeing his former footballer Frank Lampard who lead visitors to support the team, he only found a surprising result — they take a one more goal lead. In the second-half, the team won a goal, and Mourinho encourage them with a single fist pump from the sideline.

In the subsequent game, Lampard stays with his manager and footballers, and endure great pressure as a unity while the manager Jose Mourinho just stands behind and doesn’t accompany. Besides, he always looks away from the goal and strolls around. In the end, underdogs invert the consequence as winners.

Jose Mourinho is always the winner, so it is difficult to deal with such conditions. They leave that place after late night while it is about 1 o’clock a.m. when they arrive at Lowry. Different with hustle and bustle in day time, it is peace and tranquil. And all hired securities have left. Although the 55-year-old Mournho has taken the position of Man United’s manager for two years, the Lowry is still his home, which may be somewhat tiring hotel.

On the contrary, Man City’s coach Pep Guardiola embraced a comfortable life in northern England, making their own life by opening a restaurant in Manchester and living in an apartment in the city. Having worked with Mourinho for a long time, Rui Faria, the former assistant of Jose, resigned in May this year. It’s said that Faria would not like to be absent his children’s growth.

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