Solution to Athletic Bilbao’s Gloom

San Mamés is surprised by a striker’s striking penalty while a later failure reminds the unguarded looms for loyal supporters of La Liga. Some may said it’s only a penalty while other people hold that it features two layer of meanings.

It is a abyss for Athletic Bilbao, a club of Liga BBVA, that the team is one of the bottom three teams now, also a first ever relegation. It seems like that the result is a really The end. A football club is different with others, because the former manager has been fired for the first time in the last decade. When it is indispensable, an interim board is entitled to sack a coach. Similar with his father, Gaizka Garitano take the position of a manager on a rescue mission. But it is too late now.

In the second half of the final, a penalty was issued though it should not have been. In case you are standing alone, one football player aged 38 failed to net a goal through the whole season, winning nothing from the beginning of the day. One would be desperate when the last game is around the corner.

It’s hard to relax oneself when facing such overwhelming desperation. Although everyone, including yourself, is aware of keeping calm down is necessary, you could still see desperation in faces and hear it in the silence. It is in vain to take any measure. Everyone may plead and pray for you for a better result. After 12 days, you find that you fail to step forward slightly, only to find yourself still in the relegation zone.

The forward of Athletic Bilbao took different ways having taken by others. The guy’s goalscoring ability has been improved after his 30th birthday, which is rare for other professional football players. His playing style and method are also different with others’. One will admire his skills and playing style. The penalty created the club a critical last one game 1-0 win over Girona.

The former defender of Athletic Bilbao said, “I have never witnessed one thing like it.” Perhaps it will turn to a new kind of penalty: Panenka, Cruyff-Olsen, Aduriz. Some compares it to Socrates in 1986 while some likened it to Beppe Signori. Both of them are totally different with two above examples.

Aduriz didn’t prepare for it and he didn’t set himself. He seemed to show his preparations. He seemed confusing rivals with some fake actions while he suddenly changed his right leg forwards. It seems like the football player kicked it like a free-kick. Goalkeepers are still shaping wall. Not only Masip, but also his teammates were ready for it, and no one imagined he would do it in a football match.

Surrounding San Mamés, it could be taken as the surprised stillness prior to celebration. Someone remarked him as “eternal”, and “El Correo appraised him as “Original, perfect and minimalist.”

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