Solution to Athletic Bilbao’s Gloom

San Mamés is surprised by a striker’s striking penalty while a later failure reminds the unguarded looms for loyal supporters of La Liga. Some may said it’s only a penalty while other people hold that it features two layer of meanings.

It is a abyss for Athletic Bilbao, a club of Liga BBVA, that the team is one of the bottom three teams now, also a first ever relegation. It seems like that the result is a really The end. A football club is different with others, because the former manager has been fired for the first time in the last decade. When it is indispensable, an interim board is entitled to sack a coach. Similar with his father, Gaizka Garitano take the position of a manager on a rescue mission. But it is too late now.

In the second half of the final, a penalty was issued though it should not have been. In case you are standing alone, one football player aged 38 failed to net a goal through the whole season, winning nothing from the beginning of the day. One would be desperate when the last game is around the corner.

It’s hard to relax oneself when facing such overwhelming desperation. Although everyone, including yourself, is aware of keeping calm down is necessary, you could still see desperation in faces and hear it in the silence. It is in vain to take any measure. Everyone may plead and pray for you for a better result. After 12 days, you find that you fail to step forward slightly, only to find yourself still in the relegation zone.

The forward of Athletic Bilbao took different ways having taken by others. The guy’s goalscoring ability has been improved after his 30th birthday, which is rare for other professional football players. His playing style and method are also different with others’. One will admire his skills and playing style. The penalty created the club a critical last one game 1-0 win over Girona.

The former defender of Athletic Bilbao said, “I have never witnessed one thing like it.” Perhaps it will turn to a new kind of penalty: Panenka, Cruyff-Olsen, Aduriz. Some compares it to Socrates in 1986 while some likened it to Beppe Signori. Both of them are totally different with two above examples.

Aduriz didn’t prepare for it and he didn’t set himself. He seemed to show his preparations. He seemed confusing rivals with some fake actions while he suddenly changed his right leg forwards. It seems like the football player kicked it like a free-kick. Goalkeepers are still shaping wall. Not only Masip, but also his teammates were ready for it, and no one imagined he would do it in a football match.

Surrounding San Mamés, it could be taken as the surprised stillness prior to celebration. Someone remarked him as “eternal”, and “El Correo appraised him as “Original, perfect and minimalist.”

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Solitude of Jose Mourinho

On a late Tuesday afternoon, Jose Mourinho is sitting alone on a bench near a window on a bench in Manchester, England. All football players under his guidance are collecting toiletry kits. On the lower floor, a decent dinner crowd is engaged in a celebration. Out of the hotel, paparazzi after Man United hopes to catch a simple glimpse of famous footballers.

It seems like he is tiny when compared with football players. Even though he inclined to stay with the tallest player he could find. In spite of conditions with other people, close-cropped hair and left leg crossed over right leave public an impressive image of hmself — leanpole. A rent-a-cop stands in the vicinity of an elevator. It is an obvious that he has was called in a wrong method. It seems like that he have tasted the questionable milk. All members walk back and forth uneasy. In the end, he stood up and led all footballers to their bus. In that evening, another game and show in the carnival is leading one of the best clubs into daily chaos.

In the sixth place, the expensive football team, estimating $358m or so, lost to club Brighton and Tottenham. After receiving the consequence prior to, some knows it is almost impossible for them to win the Premier League title. He often sits at the front of the bus on the right side while seats on the left side is empty.

Seeing his former footballer Frank Lampard who lead visitors to support the team, he only found a surprising result — they take a one more goal lead. In the second-half, the team won a goal, and Mourinho encourage them with a single fist pump from the sideline.

In the subsequent game, Lampard stays with his manager and footballers, and endure great pressure as a unity while the manager Jose Mourinho just stands behind and doesn’t accompany. Besides, he always looks away from the goal and strolls around. In the end, underdogs invert the consequence as winners.

Jose Mourinho is always the winner, so it is difficult to deal with such conditions. They leave that place after late night while it is about 1 o’clock a.m. when they arrive at Lowry. Different with hustle and bustle in day time, it is peace and tranquil. And all hired securities have left. Although the 55-year-old Mournho has taken the position of Man United’s manager for two years, the Lowry is still his home, which may be somewhat tiring hotel.

On the contrary, Man City’s coach Pep Guardiola embraced a comfortable life in northern England, making their own life by opening a restaurant in Manchester and living in an apartment in the city. Having worked with Mourinho for a long time, Rui Faria, the former assistant of Jose, resigned in May this year. It’s said that Faria would not like to be absent his children’s growth.

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Manchester City’s Win

At the last two minutes, footballers of Manchester City have netted goals and lifted them to 3-1 win. For their uninterrupted goals, the match turned to a short film directed by Pep Guaradiola rather than an only competition. The leading role of the short film is David Silva. He is a footballer aged 32. For most of the excellent footballers, some will become shadows of former selves. He plays as the dominant force in the competition in Sunday. This is not the first time for him taking the important role in a match. The most splendid moment of his football career is the humiliating results of Manchester City’s 6-1 of United at Old Trafford. Nonetheless, he keeps those excellent skills seven years later, and he also helps teammates in sports field.

When Manchester United intends to resurgent previous splend, Silva and other teammates touch the ball slightly against Etihad’s canvas. Before caressed the ball David De Gea, City have own 44 passes, forming a striking contract contrast with their rivals. The Manchester city just like thrilling motion pictures while the Manchester United is similar to the fading still life.

Certainly, there are many controversial ideas about this week’s footballing prominence. In the recent days, the series of revelations by a German newspaper should be reviewed for a while. At the same time, Manchester United should inspect themselves for poor on-field resistance, as one of the richest football clubs in the world. When Manchester City passes the ball through the whole football pitch, football players of football club Manchester United kick off in forlorn and lonely pursuit while they never thought their opponents — City could invert the consequence. And most people are concerned about them, it is obvious that they thought too over.

In the past years, goals have been analysed frequently; certainly, it will catch attentions from most people when the ball leaves the ground. Actually, it only leaves the ground two times in two minutes. In the meantime, Silva switch the method and try to finish the match by driving it into the area for Gundogan. The highlight of the plan lies in that the tactic expires Manchester United’s aerial threat. And Jose Mourinho decides to follow and control the diminutive midfielders of Manchester City. It’s said that the strategy is regarded as “when they go high, we go low”.

Another highlight of the match rests on the frequency of Manchester City’s passes between two football players of Manchester United. The team is always seeking opportunities out and thriving in the guarded areas. The sheer speed of the ball and spot kick often catch attentions from most spectators. At a moment, John Stones run to grab his own ball, and successfully swerves it elegantly, getting rid of the tail effortlessly. The most impressive moment should be the moment demonstrated by Silva. Most people are also thriving for Spaniard’s movements in pitches when he wanders to flank or scurry back towards his own half. Sometimes, he confuses rivals by some fake actions, but the guy always keeping alert. He never stops thinking where to go next moment.

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Juventus wins the 7th Serie A title

On 14 May 2018, Juventus won the Serie A title one round ahead of schedule in the 2017-18 season at Rome, following a 0-0 draw against A.S. Roma, which is the seventh league title the greatest club has got. No club has even won seven titles in a row except Juventus. After the match, the all-conquering Old Lady celebrated passionately at the Stadio Olimpico, wearing the shirt with “MY7H”.

The playing style of Juventus is like that. They perform badly provisionally, which makes opponents have a chance to score, but they suddenly score goals and make the other team desperate and helpless.

Gianluigi Buffon, Andrea Barzagli and Giorgio Chiellini are three Italian excellent footballers who play for Juventus. They are call “BBC” in Juventus.(There is also a “BBC” group in Real Madrid; they are Karim Benzema, Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo.)

Although Gianluigi Buffon announced his retirement from Italy national team, he still plays for Juventus and helped the club win the championship of the Serie A in the 2017-18 season. Giorgio Chiellini, born on 14 August 1984, is an professional Italian defender playing for Juventus and the Italy national team. As a physically strong, aggressive, and versatile defender, he is named Juventus Player of the Year in the 2008-09 season and Serie A Defender of the Year in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Besides, Chiellini played all games from the 2011-12 season to the 2017-18 season. Therefore, he has witness the success of Juventus. Andrea Barzagli, born on 8 May 1981, is also an Italian professional footballer playing for Juventus. Widely regarded as one of the best and most consistent defenders, Barzagli is selected as a member of the Serie A Team of the Year four times.

Juventus will meet more strong and more powerful squads in the future. However, “BBC” is getting older. The line of defense is sure to be replaced. Therefore, it’s important for Juventus to find other outstanding players. Fans can continue to support the club and look forward to the future development of it.

In the game against Roma, players of Juventus wore the brand new 2017-18 home shirt. Designed by Adidas, the home shirt continues the tradition of Zebre(The Zebras). It features vertical white and black stripes on the front and a wide black stripe at the back. The white V-neck collar makes the shirt more stylish and modern. The redesigned club crest is embroidered on the chest, representing more than just a club, but a sense of belonging. In addition, a small Italy national flag is put above the gold Adidas logo to pay tribute to the country. Three gold stars symbolize 30 league titles Juventus got in the past. The logo of the sponsor Jeep is also printed on the front of the shirt. The three classic Adidas stripes are placed on both sides of the shirt, symbolizing victory and encouraging players to fight for championship.

The home shirt made from 100% adizero polyester makes players run faster, at the same time, reduces the impact on environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Football fans are available to get the well-designed football shirt for Juventus at Cheap Football Shirts Replica. Please choose your favorite one now.

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Jean-Michel Aulas: Some clubs disrupted the transfer market

Jean-Michel Aulas, born on 22 March 1949, is a French businessman and has served as the owner and chairman of French football club Olympique Lyonnais since 1987 and served on the board of European Club Association for his club.

Recently he said that some clubs, especially Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City, disrupted the transfer market in an interview.

“I think I’m a pioneer. When I was in charge of Lyon 30 years ago, the Ligue 1 clubs were still just football clubs. They became joint-stock companies after I came back from Brussels to fight for the interests for these clubs.”

“Now Lyon’s home stands are owned by the club, and our youth training is the best in France and is ranked the third in Europe. Therefore, we are widely regarded as the best example in the football world.”

“After Oryx Qatar Sports Investments (QSi) has been the PAG’s owner since 2011, the club has disrupted the entire transfer market, I think. Besides, the capital input also causes inflation in the football market, which raises players’ salaries and disrupts the entire transfer market. This phenomenon is obvious in Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City.”

“As far as I’m concerned, financial fair play of the UEFA is very good, because it allows us to see that some clubs are developing healthily, and other are doing something that is nothing to do with football.”

Olympique Lyonnais, simply known as Lyon, is a French professional football club located in Lyon, France. Before introducing the brand new 2018-19 away shirt, let’s know the beautiful city first.

Lyon is a city with modern and ancient culture. It is quiet and mysterious, modern and rushed. It is suitable for people to live. Without the noise and hustle and bustle of Paris, the city is lazy and casual. You can take a leisurely stroll through the streets of the main town or stroll along the Rhone to shop and watch the performances of street artists on a sunny weekend. You can also visit museums, Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière, La place Bellecour and so on. The La Place Bellecour is a large square in the centre of Lyon. It is the largest open and pedestrian square in Europe and the third biggest square in France.

2018-19 Lyon Away Football Shirt

Unveiled by Adidas, the new Lyon away shirt is dark blue. It features red collar, cuffs and classic Adidas three stripes on both sides of the shirt. The red Adidas logo and the club crest are certainly embroidered on the chest. Besides, the sponsor’s name and logo are shown on the front, too.

The away shorts are also navy blue with red Adidas stripes on both sides.

The comfortable and breathable away kit is expected to help players of Lyon perform well at each football match. Fans are able to get it at online or physical stores. Wear the kit to show your support now.

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Nike Launch Chelsea Home Shirt 2018-19

Nike and the Premier League club Chelsea jointly unveiled the new home jersey for the 2018-19 season on 11 May 2018. Inspired by the much-loved jerseys of the 1980s and 90s, the brand new home shirt with a distinctive style will be worn by players from men’s and women’s teams and the youth team to fight for more victories. Besides, the home shirt 18-19 will debut at the final match of the 2017-18 Premier League season on May 13th.

The new jersey features horizontal red and white lines on the front against Chelsea’s famous blue. It is adorned with the indispensable club crest and Nike Swoosh. Two unique details on the home shirt show that the shirt adheres to Chelsea’s tradition. “Blue is the Colour” and “1905”— the year when the club was founded are printed inside of the collar. The heraldic lion in the club crest is printed at the back of the collar, holding a staff. The sponsorship logo “Yokohama Tyres” is also shown on the front. On the other hand, blue shorts and white socks brightened by a horizontal red and blue trim at the knee complete the home kit. The red and blue stripes on the top the socks echo the design of the jersey.

Made from 100% polyester, the home shirt becomes much lighter and more durable. Wearing the shirt makes players cool and dry on the football field thanks to the Dri-FIT and VaporKnit, Nike’s the latest and the most innovative technologies.

As a big fan of Chelsea, the shirt is a must for you. You are able to get a special shirt with the name and number of your favorite player at our online store. The most breathable shirt will be provided for you.

Matej Delač, who was born on 20 August 1992, is a Croatian footballer and plays as a goalkeeper for Chelsea. He is currently Chelsea’s longest-serving player after the departure of club captain John Terry. The 25-year-old player transferred to Chelsea in 2010, but he has never played for the club. During the 8 years when he is playing for the club, he is loaned to other clubs 10 times and currently is loaned to a Belgian football club Mouscron. His contract with The Blues will expire this summer, and he will join a Danish Superliga club AC Horsens permanently.

However, Delač said he did not regret joining Chelsea. “A lot of people ask me if I regret joining the club, instead of going to a small club, but I will never regret it.” said he, “The reason why I cannot play for the club is my labor card. They believe me and renew the contract with me several times.”

Although Delač didn’t show him in Chelsea, he played for Croatia’s U-17 and U-19 teams, totally earning 8 caps. In 2009, the 17-year-old Delač was called up to play for the 2010 World Cup qualifiers, which broke the record for the youngest Croatian player ever called up for international duty.

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